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At Jerusalem Concert, and Ambassador Home, Matzolah Meant Shalom.

David Broza (at left) and Peter Yarrow (at right)

On his last trip to Israel, folksinger Peter Yarrow says all his bags were packed with Matzolah to share with fellow musicians, activists and organizers, who worked with him March 18 in Jerusalem for a Concert of Solidarity and Good Will held at the Jerusalem International YMCA

Yarrow says he discovered how great Matzolah was as a nourishing snack, while on tour in the U.S. last year, when he had little time to eat. He told Foodman CEO Wayne Silverman that the matzo-based granola he brought was a hit among the Jewish, Muslim and Christian participants. “Sharing Matzolah with concert organizers and peace activists helps nourish the spirit of shalom, peace,” says Yarrow. “Matzolah, made from Passover’s bread of affliction, has universal and timeless appeal, just like the message of freedom does.”

He also performed at the home of US Ambassador Dan Shapiro with Israeli singer-songwriter David Broza. (Photo above by Matty Stern.)

Matzolah Enlists as Passover Food for U.S. Troops

When 700 Jewish troops celebrate Passover this year on U.S. Army bases, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Jordan, Djibouti, and Germany, and on Naval aircraft carriers, Matzolah will be on their holiday menu. “We’re thrilled to donate 1400 canisters of our three varieties,” says Foodman, LLC President Wayne Silverman. Foodman made the donation through Kosher Troops, a New York-based charitable organization that sends kosher care packages to help Jewish armed forces observe Jewish holidays.

Foodman joins its partner Streit’s Matzos in sending Passover food to enlisted men and women. For years, Streit’s has been sending traditional Passover items to U.S. troops, and now, Matzolah has been added. “It’s a small way for us to acknowledge how much we appreciate their service to our countrkosher troops receive Matzolah_smallery,” says Aaron Gross, Executive Vice President of Streit Matzo Company.

Kosher Troops’ co-founder Sara Fuerst says the organization started seven years ago when her daughter created a community service project as a part of becoming a bat mitzvah. “There were Jewish organizations that provided care packages to the Israeli Defense Forces, but no one was consistently sending kosher products to U.S. troops for Jewish holidays,” says Fuerst. “We are thankful to all our soldiers for protecting our freedom including our religious freedom.” For information and contributions to Kosher Troops, visit

Matzolah BarkDelicious New Recipes Added

We have many wonderful recipes that will make Passover much tastier and special. Pictured is a new, Chocolate Cranberry Orange Bark recipe that can be made with any flavor of Matzolah. Look at our RECIPES page. To view and print four of our top recipes in PDF format, click here.

Matzolah featured Matzolah on shelf consumers_Smallon ABC News Real BIZ

Matzolah and Foodman were featured on the ABC News program Real BIZ with Rebecca Jarvis in a segment called Making Matzo Cool in April 2014. Rebecca interviewed Mike Schall, a Foodman advisor and food industry expert. They discussed how Matzolah is leading the way in transforming kosher food as it exemplifies healthy and nutritious kosher food that appeals to a wide variety of consumers, regardless of their religious faith or practices. Scenes are shown of consumers tasting Matzolah as well its presence on store shelves. Schall is a former President and CEO of Manischewitz and his consulting business is developing a product line for Whole Foods Market.

Matzolah makes an appearance at the
Boulder, Colorado Jewish Festival

Matzolah and the Foodman Team of WaBoulder_Booth_150pxyne Silverman, Scott Gantwerker and Amber Lawson were part of the Boulder Jewish Festival this summer. The 20th anniversary attracted thousands of people to enjoy food, music, culture, and Jewish life. Radio Chavura, hosted by Dean and Max Rotbart, aired an interview (click to listen) with Wayne. Dean was very gracious in helping promote Foodman. The Denver Examiner also featured Foodman’s appearance in Boulder. Thanks to Festival director/founder Cheryl Fellows for making the appearance and event successful.

NPR ‘Morning Edition’ Serves Second Helping of Matzolah for Passover

Foodman and Matzolah featured as entrepreneurial company on ‘NPR Morning Edition’ March 23, 2013 .

Bracha for MatzolahBlessing mystery 1

Foodman customers who recite one of the traditional Hebrew blessings before eating frequently ask us, “what is the correct berachah for eating Matzolah?” It’s a good question. And Kof-K Kosher Supervision’s Rabbi Moishe Lebovits has the answer: You say a mezonot berachah, rather than hamotzi.

Rabbi Lebovits studied the issue closely, considering four essential characteristics of food, his interpretation of sacred Jewish texts, and his observation of how Matzolah is baked. He wrote a new updated condensed version of his article that explains the results of his research. If you wish to read the full version of his fascinating article with Talmudic references, click “Baffled by the Berachah – The Matzolah Mystery.”

And while we’re on the subject of blessings, a shehakol berachah is the correct one to recite before eating our Gluten Free Cranberry Orange Matzolah, since there’s no grain. (Click here for the Jewish Virtual Library to see an explanation and glossary of food blessings).

NYFR interviews Foodman’s Scott Gantwerker

New York Food Review Magazine, a trade publication for the food service industry, awarded Foodman ‘Healthy Product of the Year’ for new Gluten Free Cranberry Orange (GF). Publisher Perry Edwards said that since GF provides a healthy and delicious, gluten and nut free alternative, it is perfect for hospitals, universities, and institutional kitchens. Contact Foodman for bulk orders. Hear Edwards’ November 2013 interview on Food Innovations with Foodman Executive VP Scott Gantwerker.

Foodman Featured at KosherFeast Social Media Dinner

KosherFeast co-coordinator Esti Berkowitz and kids sample Whole Wheat Matzolah.

KosherFeast co-coordinator Esti Berkowitz
and kids sample Whole Wheat Matzolah.

For the second year, Foodman sponsored annual KosherFeast Social Media Dinner in November 2013. KosherFeast is the brainchild of KosherEye, a website that shares information about the kosher marketplace’s hot products. The dinner, for food bloggers, tweeters, and other cyber communicators, occurs the night before Kosherfest, the world’s largest kosher food show, held at The Meadowlands, Secaucus, New Jersey. To prepare for the KosherFeast dinner (this year at premier kosher restaurant J SoHo in Manhattan), Foodman’s Wayne Silverman and Scott Gantwerker delivered 80 canisters of fresh-baked Whole Wheat Matzolah to KosherFeast co-coordinator Esti Berkowitz. The product was included in the ‘swag-bag’ given to participants at the KosherFeast dinner.

‘Morning Edition’ Serves Up Big Helping of Matzolah

WABE (90.1) Atlanta serves Matzolah during ‘Morning Edition’. This story produced at WABE was later re-edited and broadcast nationally on ‘Morning Edition’ from Washington.

The Atlanta Jewish Times writes about Matzolah

The Atlanta Jewish Times published “Mmm, Matzolah! Great Granola, at Passover or Year-Round” in their Passover issue discussing history of Matzolah® and availability in the Atlanta area.

Whole Wheat Maple Nut Matzolah launches at Whole Foods Market

In 2012, Whole Foods Market (WFM) asked Foodman to produce a whole wheat formula to be sold exclusively through WFM through this Passover. It is considered a Passover “Focus” item. Working with the Global Grocery Team at WFM corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas, Foodman developed a new whole wheat formula which has 18 grams of whole grain per serving. The product sold at selected stores in all 11 WFM regions. “We are very excited about our partnership at Whole Foods Market,” said Foodman President, Wayne Silverman. Foodman is working together with Whole Foods to extend this version of Matzolah for everyday sales. This version will be available broadly after Passover and a new gluten-free version is in development for a projected summer launch. Read more about Matzolah at Whole Foods Market here.

Matzolah gets big thumbs-up in Eating My Words food blog

Modern-day Israelites: Go Forth and Eat Matzolah writeup kvells: “Lightly sweet and addictively crunchy, Matzolah’s ingredients also include Vermont maple syrup, California raisins, almonds, walnuts, pecans and coconut.”

Matzolah mentioned in New York Times Granola article

In February 2012, the New York Times published “Granola Sowing its Wild Oats”, a review of select granolas that have become a trend. The article  recognizes Matzolah as “the Observant Granola. It said depending on where you shop, you might spy artisanal granola; gluten-free granola; chocolate granola that flirts with being a crumbled-up candy bar; “raw” granola laced and studded with “superfoods” like maca root, spirulina, mesquite pods, amaranth sprouts and camu camu fruit; and even kosher-for-Passover Matzolah, which contains fragments of Streit’s matzo.“That’s the beauty of diversity,” Mr. Schweizer said.“It’s a polyculture.”

(Yes, Matzolah is kosher for Passover, and yes, it’s made with actual matzo from Streit’s)”.

Matzolah is written up in the New York Food Review!

Matzolah is written up in a full-page article in this month’s issue – Read it here.

Feature article about Matzolah in The Austin Jewish Outlook

The February issue highlights Wayne Silverman as former Jewish Federation of Austin executive director and the roots of Matzolah.

Foodman’s Matzolah Wins Best New Kosher Product at Kosherfest

Foodman founders receive Kosherfest award

Kosherfest founder Menachem Lubinsky presents Best New Passover Product to Scott Gantwerker (l) and Wayne Silverman (r)

Nov. 29, 2012–Foodman LLC’s Matzolah, acclaimed “The Trail Mix of the Exodus,” won Kosherfest’s award for Best New Passover Product of 2012. More than 35,000 people attended this year’s Kosherfest, the world’s largest annual kosher-certified tradeshow, and key meeting place for the kosher industry’s top executives, distributors, supermarkets, restaurants and food service organizations.

Kosherfest took place November 13-14, 2012 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey. Foodman, which shared a booth with its co-packer Streit’s Matzos Company, greeted Kosherfest’s 35,000 attendees with generous tastings of Matzolah. Kosherfest was founded by Menachem Lubinsky and will celebrate its 25th anniversary in November 2014.

Matzolah, Nearly a Household Name

Foodman LLC joined the Who’s-Who of kosher foodies and lifestyle bloggers at the Annual Pre-Kosherfest Social Media Dinner in Manhattan November 12. As one of the lead sponsors of the gourmet evening, Foodman CEO Wayne Silverman introduced

Matzolah, which won the Kosherfest award for Best New Passover Product to a receptive crowd.

“Each of the Kosherfest winners had one minute to talk about their product, and we also brought samples,” says Silverman.

“Everybody at the dinner seemed very impressed, and when we got to Kosherfest the next day, Matzolah had become a household name.” Silverman says that at least 2,000 fest-goers stopped at the Foodman display to taste the trail mix of the Exodus. Many who came by had already heard the buzz.

Silverman was joined at the dinner by his wife Laura and Foodman Social Media Coordinator Amber Lawson.

Matzolah Donated to Hurricane Sandy Victims

As Kosherfest closed down, Foodman LLC donated more than 60 canisters of Matzolah to families on the New Jersey shore who lost their homes to Super Storm Sandy.

Donating Matzolah

Abie Bilgoray, left, with Wayne Silverman, Aaron Gross and Aron Yagoda send Matzolah® to victims of Sandy

Foodman CEO Wayne Silverman was joined by Streit’s Matzos Company executives–Aaron Gross, sales manager, and Aron S. Yagoda, executive vice president, in making the contribution. Streit’s is Foodman’s Matzolah partner and manufacturer.

“This went to the people who needed a lot of help,” says Abie Bilgoray, manager of Fumio Grill in Livingston, New Jersey who accepted the donation from Foodman on behalf of the Masbia Soup Kitchen and other disaster relief groups that serve both the Orthodox and non-Orthodox communities.

“We are so glad we could help in some small way,” says Silverman.

Matzolah – All-Natural Trail Mix of the Exodus

ATLANTA –  It took 40 years for the Israelites to reach the Land of Milk and Honey. It took almost that long for Wayne Silverman, founder and CEO of Foodman LLC, to perfect his recipe for Matzolah. Silverman says Matzolah, a kosher for Passover breakfast and nosh that is also an all-natural food, will be available in time for the holiday in 2013.

“Everybody loved my conventional granola so much they hated to give it up on Passover,” he says. “Most Passover breakfast products are so bland that the box often tastes better than what’s inside. So I experimented with making a delicious granola that had matzo and quality ingredients that were permitted on the holiday.”

Welcome to Kosherfest - Foodman and Streit's Booth

Streit’s Matzo Company is working together with Foodman and provided exhibit space at Kosherfest

Foodman’s Matzolah was launched at the annual Kosherfest in Secaucus, New Jersey on November 13-14, and will be available shortly for national distribution, for Passover to supermarkets, for sale and fundraising to religious organizations, hotels, and on the Internet.

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