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Matzolah, The Trail Mix of the Exodus!

Matzo Granola Breakfast and Nosh

It took 40 years for the Israelites to reach the promised land, and nearly that long for our wholesome, kosher for Passover, Matzolah granola to reach your pantry.

Irresistibly delicious and miraculously nutritious – on Passover and year-round. Enjoy Matzolah for breakfast, with yogurt, as a snack, in recipes – wherever your journey leads.

Original Maple Nut Matzolah

Made with natural ingredients:

Vermont maple syrup • California raisins • Almonds, walnuts, pecans, coconut & more

* Sodium free
* Good source of fiber
* Cholesterol free

Whole Wheat Maple Nut Matzolah

Same formula as Original Maple Nut using whole wheat matzo. More than 18 grams of whole grain per serving.

Gluten Free Cranberry Orange Matzolah

The same crunch and satisfaction from the two Maple Nut varieties, but gluten free and nut free too. High quality organic dried cranberries and organic dried orange peel are blended with a potato-based matzo along with Vermont Maple to create a great third flavor.

Original Maple Nut and Whole Wheat Maple Nut Matzolah are made with Streit’s® matzos. (Streit’s is a registered trademark of Aron Streit, Inc.) Streit’s is the oldest family-owned Kosher company in the country and is still making matzo in the original plant in the lower east side of Manhattan. Matzolah is then produced at Streit’s facility in Moonachi, NJ. See the historic article from 2004 in the Villager, an article that appeared last April in the NYT magazine, and an article in the Huffington Post about Streit’s matzo being named the number one matzo in a taste test.

New Products
Foodman is a specialty kosher food manufacturer dedicated to providing innovative, contemporary foods to the consumer through the introduction of highly nutritious and delicious products. In development are a line of Foodman bars, salsas, and hot cereal. We strive to appeal both to those concerned about kosher foods, and to those who just love healthy, delicious food regardless of its certification or their ethnicity.

Certification and Kashrut Information
Matzolah is certified by KOF-K and is Parve and Kosher year round and for Passover too. Maple Nut and Whole Wheat Maple Nut are gebrochts and KOF-K has determined that it one would use a mizanot blessing. Gluten Free Cranberry Orange is non-gebrochts and KOF-K has determined that one would use a shehakol blessing.

Nutrition Facts