About Us

Foodman, LLC is a specialty kosher food manufacturer founded in 2012. It is headquartered in Decatur, Georgia with our northeast offices in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

OUR VISION: A world in which all people can enjoy healthy and delicious kosher food, inspired by a Jewish spirit.

OUR VALUES: Our core Jewish values incorporate the laws of Kashrut, and Tikkun Olam – making the world a better place – to create delicious, nutritious foods with universal appeal, regardless of dietary preferences. The traditional Jewish kitchen inspires us to create new preparations that everyone can enjoy every day. We are not just kosher incidentally, we remain Jewish intentionally.

OUR MISSION: to provide innovative, contemporary kosher foods to a broad market We are dedicated to spreading culture, yiddishkeit, and spirit in a practical way through food.

OUR MARKET: We appeal both to those concerned about consuming strictly kosher foods, and to those who just love healthy, delicious food regardless of certification and ethnicity Foodman offers a unique fusion of the Jewish food culture and the world of contemporary tastes.

OUR LINE: Our year round line of three flavors of Matzolah, Original Maple Nut, Whole Wheat Maple Nut, and Gluten Free Cranberry Orange has won numerous awards since our founding in 2012. New products are in development that will expand the line beyond Matzolah. We want people to eat Foodman products religiously, every day.

The Company:

Making Matzolah

Caught in the act. “Foodman’s own Laura and Wayne making Matzolah for samples for Kosherfest 2012 on Nov. 13th.”

For decades at Passover time, The Foodman Team has baked and shared Matzolah with friends and family around the country.  The response was the same year after year: “You’ve got to share this with everyone!” Now, Foodman presents Matzolah, the ‘irresistibly delicious and miraculously nutritious’ maple-nut matzo granola, for Passover and year-round. Foodman headquarters is in Atlanta, Foodman Northeast in Ridgefield, Connecticut manages research and product development.

Our three varieties of Matzolah are distributed to national grocery stores by the Streit’s Matzo Company, and are sold in Whole Foods Markets, Krogers, Wegman’s, Safeway, ShopRite, Stop and Shop, HEB, and many other stores. We also sell Matzolah directly to individual consumers from our website, and accept bulk orders for institutional meal preparation.

The Foodman Team:

Wayne Silverman, Foodman President, based in Decatur, Georgia. Lifelong health foodie, educator and educational administrator, executive in Federation, Hillel, and other nonprofit organizations including in the natural products community. Foodman, CHEF Executive Officer.

Scott Gantwerker at computer with his cat

Scott Gantwerker shares news of Matzolah’s award with his loyal tabby, Shayna Punim.

Scott Gantwerker, Foodman Executive Vice-President. Former foods research & development executive for Quaker Oats, Pepperidge Farm and Pepsi-Cola. He manages Foodman Northeast from Ridgefield, Connecticut. Foodman Science Guy.

Laura Silverman, educator and innovative social worker. She manages the Decatur headquarters and is the Foodman Family matriarch. Chief Foodman Ballabusta (Mensch).

Mike Schall, food industry visionary. Former executive of Guiltless Gourmet, Manischewitz, and adviser to grocery products manufacturers, retailers, and investors. Foodman Networker.

Laura Silverman and Amber Lawson at the KosherFeast social media dinner

Laura Silverman and Amber Lawson at the KosherFeast social media dinner in Manhattan, pre-Kosherfest.

Amber Lawson, Foodman Social Media Coordinator. Amber has been with Foodman from the beginning, bringing enthusiasm, and her sales and marketing experience.

Jen and Debbie Gantwerker, Connecticut Office Coordinators. Jen and Debbie help run Foodman’s Northeast location. They assist with maintaining the flow of product between Streit’s production facility in New Jersey and the CT office, and help coordinate order fulfillment. They are known as the Foodman Gals to the local UPS and US Postal Service employees.

Debbie and Jen Gantwerker at Temple Shearith Israel in Ridgefield, CT on March 9 at the congregational Passover Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Debbie and Jen Gantwerker at Temple Shearith Israel in Ridgefield, CT on March 9 at the congregational Passover Wine Tasting Fundraiser