From Your Mouths…

Everyone worked very hard to launch Matzolah in November. It is amazing that in only six months, we went from Hurricane Sandy flooding the factory delaying the start of production, to Matzolah being a household name (in part from the 20+ million people that heard it on NPR). Both Maple Nut and the Whole Wheat Maple Nut were equally well-received. Many people spontaneously wrote us to extoll Matzolah using words like “transforming” Passover, “best granola ever” “customers for life”, etc. Here are excerpts from some of the emails:

Hi there: I stumbled onto your Matzolah at our brand new Whole Foods in Boise, ID. We love it and are talking it up!  My problem is that Whole Foods doesn’t seem to be able to order more for me, so I am now contacting you for my “jones.”
– Claire K.

Your product was by far my favorite at the recent Kosherfest! I could not imagine that matzo could taste so good – and not too sweet either. I’ve had a few overnight guests since and everyone has loved it as well. We are all so excited to have this for Passover as well as just anytime. Just had some with my yogurt this morning – yum!
Karen A.

On an impulse, I decided to try Matzolah, which I was hoping would be an acceptable Passover substitute for the granola I usually mix with yogurt for lunch. Matzolah is delicious! Its taste and texture far surpass “acceptable substitute.” Thank you for bringing this healthy and nutritious product to market. I will look for it every year.  – Claire Z.

Folks at the congregation loved it. The best compliment for Matzolah I heard was, “WOW…this is so good; I just plan to eat it year round as my granola!”. I have several containers left and plan to do the same.
– Shelly, from a rural Georgia congregation

I just tried Matzolah for the first time, mixed it with fresh berries and cottage cheese for lunch. It was delicious! My husband mixed his with yogurt. This is a brilliant product, thank you so much!
– Karen

This is the best Passover product for ages. I hate all the store-bought cakes, and this makes up for it. Next year, please make a Matzolah bar with some chocolate chips. I think they would sell like hot cakes !
– Adrienne

Subject: First Experience-Yummm
Well, I passed this in the store a few weeks ago and when I saw it had maple syrup in it I figured it would be too sweet and passed it by. A few days ago, I heard the story on public radio so then I had to try it. I did and I think its great and I’m not even Jewish! This should be a “prime time” product in with the rest of the granolas not just for Passover or just in the special foods section.
– Janet

Subject: Loved the product
Thanks for the tip of where to buy the Matzolah. Loved it and definitely worth the trip far from home. Bought 2 for us and 1 for our friends who had us over for Pesach Monday night.
– Jack

Subject: Better than normal granola!!
I don’t know who came up with this great idea, but it is seriously the most delicious breakfast cereal ever!!! I want to keep eating it after Passover, it’s that good. Please make an actual big cereal box, we’re going through our supply too quickly!
– Paulina

Thank you for creating a wonderful Passover snack. Matzolah is truly a transformative Pesach product for us–one that makes Passover snacking a healthful, delicious and nutritious holiday experience. It is not just a Passover product –  it’s a tasteful, all year product (and makes a great gift).
– Mark and Malka

This is wonderful!!!! I ate a whole can in one evening–I should be embarrassed to admit that but I wanted you to understand now much I enjoyed this wonderful “breakfast and nosh”. Looking forward to many more noshes.
– Linda

Subject: Wow!! on the Matzolah!
What a treat! What a find! I bought it on a whim and had never heard of it before. It was such a fabulous treat, that the family had a mini-tug-o-war over it. Those of us who wanted it for breakfast with yogurt and bananas felt self-righteous against the others who thought they could co-opt the Matzolah for a mere snack. Tried to buy more, but, alas, it was already sold-out. What a great product! I keep detailed notes from one Passover to the next and I certainly wrote down to purchase at least two canisters next year if not more. Thanks! Just loved it!
– Sharon

I myself love adding the granola to my yogurt. I am not a fan of Greek yogurt, often finding it too sour, but when I add the Matzolah it sweetens the taste perfectly. I am so delighted that I found Matzolah during Passover and know that I will enjoy it throughout the year.
Looking forward to seeing Matzolah year round on shelves in a supermarket near me.
– Evelyn

This is a great product. I bought it for my son to travel with. He said it was the best Passover snack he ever ate. (He knows his food). I just tasted the leftover out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised. I saw the item in Stop and Shop this year and was skeptical. Who wants to spend so much only on another Passover product that gets thrown away. Matzolah was different. I hope I can find it next year. Thank you!
– Janet

Subject: Great stuff
Heard about Matzolah on NPR and rushed to Whole Foods to try it. Love it! Best Passover food ever.
– Alice

Subject: Great Product
I purchased Matzolah for the first time this Passover. It was the last can on the shelf of a largely picked through Passover food section. Making lunches for the first day, I added Matzolah to the lunch boxes (as a treat) the a same day NPR carried the story. I got a call from my husband in transit chuckling about this new Passover food we were trying. Day two he brought samples to the office. Needless to say, we love Matzolah and will purchase it again. Thanks for producing this great product. Try cutting bananas in half, spread cut side with almond butter and press into Matzolah poured onto wax paper. It’s like a yummy candy bar.
– Stephanie